About IEER

The Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research operated by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK GVI) is a non-profit economic research institute indulging in applied research in several subfields of economics. The Institute is a market leader in Hungary in empirical company researches especially in the field of business climate research. We survey 17,000 companies per year by questionnaire with several methods (personal interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys).

The Institute was established in March 1999 by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry aiming at contributing to the Chamber's obligation to actively take part in the decision-making process of economic policy. Therefore the Institute yields information and structured data concerning the processes of Hungarian and foreign markets and to various influential factors – such as the actual situation or distant future prospects – of the companies rallied in the chamber. Through the regional chambers, we may be in contact with more than 35,000 companies who are producing approximately 60% of the Hungarian GDP. The Institute is a network organisation leaning on the network of researchers of universities and research institutes.

Our mission is to provide empirically and theoretically substantiated knowledge and analysis of the economic and social processes that influence the actual situation and perspectives of Hungarian economy and Hungarian companies. The Institute is engaged in quality analysis and generates primarily public goods. Accordingly, it endeavours to facilitate access to the primary databases and research findings of the Institute thereby promoting the notion of transparency. We offer all the research results of our surveys in pdf format on our website (http://gvi.hu/). Also, indispensable information for businesses is available concerning the situation of Hungarian macro-economy and the prognosis of the European business cycle. Moreover, we launched two sites with databases free of charge. Hungarian labour market prognosis data is available at http://www.mmpp.hu/. The second one is http://www.szakmavilag.hu /, a website that provides information on all the skills that can be learned in vocational schools, mainly on the content of the training and on labour market opportunities after graduation. A software development of our Institute is the Textplore text analysis software (http://textplore.org/) with which brand analyses for companies and background analyses for economic researches are made.